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Our Process

Phase 1: Assessment & Planning

Gaining a deep understanding of your business and your customers will help us to better deliver a successful web experience. During this part of our process we listen intently and work to understand your needs. Our primary goal is to streamline the user experience and navigation to ensure the path to purchase is clear and simple.

Phase 2: Design & Build

During the design phase, your website takes shape. All the visual content, such as images, photos, and videos is collected and/or created at this step. All the info that was gathered through the first phase is crucial. The target audience, flow and content strategy will be the main driver behind how we work on the design and build.

Phase 3: Launch & Implementation

We will take a week to test the site links, purchase path, responsiveness and overall functionality, so that errors don’t occur during the transition and launch. We will also propose a robust digital strategy to support the launch of the new website and keep momentum moving forward with engagement and new visitor retention.

Sites We've Built

Total Gym

Along with a rebrand we migrated TOTAL GYM to Shopify's ecomm platform and custom developed their new site. They've experienced a 180° turn in direct sales via their ecomm site since launching in July 2018.

520% Increse in ecomm sales over LY
98% Increase in conversion rate over LY

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Aquilo Sports

Aquilo Sports was in need of a site that could make international sales, something their current platform was unable to do. We migrated them to Shopify's ecomm platform and custom developed their new site.

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En Pointe Wines

En Pointe Wines membership based business model was a unique challenge. We utilized Shopify's third party app store and custom built a site where their members could connect and learn.

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